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Why Should You Put Bay Leaves In Food

why should you put bay leaves in food

Laurel is originally from the Levant and is now cultivated mainly in the Mediterranean region. Its flowers, of a yellowish color, are positioned on the axis of the leaf.

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The bay leaves and fruits have been widely used in the past, going back to ancient Greece.

Laurel was a symbol of victory in ancient times, being dedicated to the god Apollo. It was offered to poets and victorious generals.

Bay leaves have a strong aroma and are very rich in essential oils, which gives them near miraculous medicine properties.

Nowadays laurel is recognized for its antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

It is an adequate remedy against wounds, canker sores and tooth abscesses and is considered a natural sedative.

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Bay leaves infusion has a useful action on the nervous system bringing balance in cases of anxiety or depression. It stimulates the slow digestion, increases appetite, combat fermentation. It is perfect as an expectorant in colds and bronchitis.

Lowers fever and it is very successful in combating bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and influenza.

Bay Leaf Benefits

Bay leaves for internal use

Heavy digestion

  • Put in the food 1-2 bay leaves.
  • For a natural treatment with bay leaves, take three bay leaves per day for a month.
  • Chew them on an empty stomach, one in the morning, one in the noon and one in the evening.
  • Those who have tried this method of strengthening digestion said that the results were remarkable.

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Stomach pains

A recipe that combat stomach pains:

  • boil 2 bay leaves with 5-6 cloves for 4-5 minutes.
  • Drink 2-3 cups per day.
  • You should see the therapeutic effects very quickly.

Bay leaves for intestinal infections

After each meal take one teaspoon of bay leaves oil. Bay leaves oil will help destroy intestine pathogens and will relieve pain.

Poisoning remedy

  • Put 15-25 bay leaves in 200 ml (one cup) of boiling water.
  • Cover the bowl for 15 minutes and then strain. It will have an instant vomiting effect.
  • It is necessary to drink the whole 200 ml of the infusion to have the desired effect.

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Using bay leaves to normalize blood sugar levels

  • If your blood sugar level is not too high, put 12 bay leaves in 500 ml of water and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Put the mixture (with the bay leaves) in a flask, and leave it for 2 hours, then divide in 3 equal portions, which will be enough for a 3-day treatment.

A portion will be consumed over a period of 12 hours, otherwise, it can cause internal bleeding.

After a week rest, drink the other two portions over two days.

While on this treatment you should follow a vegetarian diet. This treatment can be done only once a year.


  • Use bay leaves decoct with 1 teaspoon of cloves, or you can take one teaspoon of bay leaves oil for pain.
  • It has been discovered that bay leave has diuretic and antirheumatic properties.
  • Bay leaf powder can lower fever and has been successfully used in dyspepsia, flatulence, and gastroenteritis.

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From the laurel fruits, you can extract a fatty oil with a butter-like consistency. It is used in preparing ointments and analgesics emulsion used in cases of arthritis, muscular pain and rheumatism.

Bay leaves tea clears the sinuses and relieves indigestion

  • Macerated bay leaves in freshly melted lard will give you an excellent ointment for treating rheumatic joints.
  • Burned bay leaves have a lovely smell and ward off insects.
  • Chewing a bay leaf can quickly cure stomatitis.
  • Bay leave decoct can strengthen the immune system (drink only during the day).
  • 20-30 bay leaves, brewed and then infused for 20 minutes can be successfully used in cases of poisoning and intoxications because of an instant vomiting effect.
  • Chewing a bay leaf on an empty stomach in the morning, noon and evening improve digestion.
  • Brewed bay leaves, after cooling, cures gum infections.
  • Bay leaves oil is a handy weapon against insects, vermin, fleas, and mites.

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Bay leaves oil can be used as a beauty product

It is enough to dilute few drops in the bath (bay leaves oil is very strong, so do not use without diluting).

It is recommended primarily for oily skin and degraded hair. This oil is balancing and stimulating the skin and helps hair regeneration.

Natural recipes with bay leaves – Bay leaf oil for rheumatism

  • Chop 100 g of dried bay leaves and put them in 100 ml of alcohol and store in a tightly closed container for 24 hours.
  • Then add 1 l of olive oil and warm it in a bain-marie for 6 hours. Keep it in a cool place.

Bay leaf infusion

Infuse 125 g of bay leaves in one liter of water. It is sometimes used for massage against neuralgia.

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