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Weight Loss and Health Advices

An extensive study, stretched over 35 years and performed on more than 500,000 subjects, unquestionably proved that vegetarian diets drastically reduces apparition of cancers.

Natural therapy practitioners were right all along! When God allowed the disease, He left the remedies that can cure.

weight loss and happiness advices

“Unbelievable!” exclaimed French professor Michel Boiron, founding president of the International Cancer Congress. “Our skepticism is defeated. The EPIC study (European Prospective Investigation of Cancer and Nutrition) figures are irrefutable. The link between cancer and nutrition is clear. “

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

People who consume an average of 35 grams of dietary fibers per day (seven servings of fruits and vegetables eaten every day) reduce cancer risk by 40%.

The figure increases if, in addition to a vegetarian diet, you will be careful and move. Especially intestinal and colon cancer are kept in check through proper nutrition combined with sport.

“The great progress of this study is that of showing that the risk of cancer can be drastically reduced by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, the main sources of dietary fiber,” says Professor Elio RIBOLA, responsible EPIC study, the global specialist in nutrition and cancer.

Vegetables: The Barrier Against Colon Cancer

Include in each of your meals a vegetable or a fruit salad and a dessert. Which are the best?

All fruits contain combinations of protective substances. To benefit from them, vary the colors: after eating a red apple go for golden pear or black grapes.

Do that for vegetables as well: after a red tomato, eat green broccoli or black radish.

Most often, the active ingredients that stop cancers are in the fruits or vegetable colors. Their effectiveness has been found not only in colon cancer but also prostate, pancreas, lung or esophagus cancer.

Forget About Meat, Eat Fish

It had been long suspected that excess meat is not healthy. EPIC study confirms this reality.

The analysis grouped the meat into three categories: red meat, sausages, and poultry. The first group includes beef, veal, and pork; fresh, frozen or minced.

In the second group belong pork or beef sausages, preserved in brine, with or without nitrates, smoked, cooked, dry or canned meat: ham, sausages, liver pate, sausages, etc. The poultry was goose and chicken.

The result: colorectal cancer risk is much higher for meat and sausage consumers.

However, there is no problem with poultry provided they are not farmed. As an alternative to meat, fish is recommended, even though, his protective effect could not be fully explained.

It is believed that specific fatty acids found in large quantities in fish are inhibiting the growth of cancer tumors.health benefits of leguminous plants and whole cereals

Health Benefits of Leguminous Plants and Whole Cereals

Wheat, barley, oats, millet, rye, lentils, beans, soybeans, flaxseed and sesame. (read also: 11 Healthiest Foods On Earth)

“It’s time to rediscover grains and legumes,” EPIC study tells us. “Their richness in fibers also participates in preventing colon cancer. In this sense, as well as daily bread to be replaced by six servings of germinated wheat consumed in one day.”

Some legumes (especially soybeans) show another advantage: their rich content in phytoestrogens. Asian women, who consume more fruits and veggies starting from the childhood, are much less affected by breast cancer.

Advanced hypothesis: these micro-constituents can block the effect of estrogen on breast cells. Instead, a possible cause of developing breast cancer may be the excess kilos gained after menopause.

In conclusion, put lentils in all salads, eat with confidence soy (GM) and full grain. Protect your gut, and control your weight.

Opt for Variety

Rather than eat a particular food, better eat a little of everything and reduce alcohol consumption.

In fact, the general idea that emerged at the Congress in Paris was that there are no protective foods but a preventive dietary pattern inspired by the Mediterranean model, namely: vegetables sprinkled liberally with olive oil.

Another recommended principle is uncooked fresh and raw foods. Therefore, favor vegetable salads, seasoned with aromatic herbs, and fruits of all sorts and colors.

Physical Activity Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer. So Start RUNNING!

A second surprise of the Congress in Paris was the confirmation of how significant is the physical activity to stop various types of cancer. Therefore, experts recommend including them in everyday life.

Do not let pass a day without outdoor walking, without few minutes of exercising or running.

Physical exercise reduces the incidence of cancer by 40%, particularly breast, prostate, lung, and uterus cancer.

Minimized risks occur in thin people, who are constantly moving. An American study has shown that the breast density changes radically after one hour of intense physical activity. And so the entire body structure.

Is There a Particular Plant You Prefer?

I highly recommend green tea which protects us from cancer on several fronts.

Researchers have discovered that a substance found in green tea can destroy tumors “by seeing them as food”. Yes!

The substance is abbreviated GCG. It inhibits the growth of new blood vessels. No longer being provided with blood, the tumor dies.

But the results of this study calls for further research. There is still a long way to go until these studies can be done on humans.

Nature’s Pharmacy. Cancer Killers

Cabbage (and generally, cruciferous plants) contain glucosinolate, real ‘’natural pesticides’’ that protects them from harmful agents (bacteria, fungi).

In humans, it activates an enzyme that prevents cancer (GTS). Boil the cabbage! Thus, those protective substances are better used by the body.

Grapes – the cancer ‘’medicine’’ found in grapes is called resveratrol. This substance stops the infection and calcification of the arteries. For personal care: grape seeds prevent old age skin stains.

Tomatoes – contains lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents the development of the pancreas, intestine, lung and prostate cancer. The effect is strongest when tomatoes are cooked.

Cereals – selenium is a trace element that keeps at ‘’full speed’’ an enzyme that prevents the development of tumors. It is found in unrefined wheat and semolina.(you can also read: The Lack Of Selenium From Your Diet Is Closely Associated With Thyroid Diseases)vitamin C benefits

Citrus (vitamin C) Prevents Cancer

Those who are combining breakfast with grapefruit may prevent the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

The white skin of citrus fruits contains bioflavonoids. This substance increases 30 times the effect of vitamin C.
Back to nature! Everyone can defend against cancer but must do so immediately.

Here’s What Experts Recommend:

Drink in moderation:

MEN: maximum of two glasses/day; WOMEN: no more one glass/day.

Ideal: red wine that contains resveratrol.

Less Meat: Not More Than 80 g/day.

Eat more chicken or fish than beef or lamb. Meat should not be overcooked and eat only the non-fat parts.

Ideal: salmon, which contains Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. (you can also read: Best 3 Desserts With Essential Fatty Acids [2018])

No Animal Fats

Replace them with vegetable fats, especially olive oil. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which protects us from cancer.

Salt in Moderation, Maximum 6g/day

Replace it with herbs and spices, rich in anticancer substances.

More Cereals and Leguminous Plants

Experts recommend 600-800 g/day, divided into seven or more servings. Choose the whole products.

More Vegetables and Fruits

400-800 g/day, divided into 5-10 portions. Bioactive substances are mostly found in cruciferous plants (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, etc.) and garlic.

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, as well as apples, blueberries, apricots, carrots.

Green tea: the ideal drink.

No sugar: is fattening and over-weight boosts the risk of cancer. Replace it with honey! (you can also read: How Much Salt Should We Eat)

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