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The Skin Healing Properties of Black Cumin Oil

The healing properties of black cumin seed (Nigella Sativa) have been known for thousands of years. It has been used both orally and topically to fight disease in many different practices of medicine throughout the ages.

healing properties of black cumin oil

In our modern times, his action and its effectiveness are increasingly supported by a solid base of evidence and scientific understanding. (read also: Why Eggs Are Correlated With Cancer Progression)

The use of black cumin oil to beautify and improve skin condition is well established; in fact, the famed beauty of Cleopatra is believed to be in part due to her use of black cumin.

Nigella Sativa oil is full of valuable components such as vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and trace elements that provide nutritional factors to help rebuild and recover skin.

Black cumin oil also has a useful pharmacological actions being a fantastic option for treating skin disease.

Black Cumin Oil and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease in which scaly pink plaques appear on the body; they can be painful, itchy and a source of discomfort.

The disease is caused by an abnormal immune reaction in the body, causing abnormal proliferation of the epidermal layer of the skin.

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Black seed oil is well recognized to regulate the body’s immune cells (upregulating some and down-regulating others, [i] it also enhances the body’s ability to cope with abnormal cell proliferation.

Traditionally black cumin seed was applied externally on the psoriatic skin to manage the general pain and patches of the eruption.

A recent laboratory study examined the effect of Nigella Sativa seed extract on an animal model of psoriasis; they examined the histological (cellular level) effects and found that Nigella Sativa has anti-psoriasis action.

The study concluded that applying it externally is beneficial in controlling psoriasis.

Black Cumin Oil and Eczema

Eczema is a condition characterized by inflammation of the skin. Itchy, red spots appear which can weep and crust. It usually affects the joints and treatments essentially consist of steroid moisturizers.

In severe cases, systemic immunosuppression is required. (read also: 4 Ways To Improve Liver Function)

Black seed oil has fantastic emollient properties forming a non-lipid film and providing nutritive factors to the skin. A clinical test which compared the effects of Nigella Sativa oil applied twice daily compared to a conventional steroid cream (Betamethasone) for hand eczema found that both are equally effective in reducing symptoms.

The clear benefit of black seed oil over steroid use is its lack of side effects.

Black Cumin Oil for Fungal Infections

In addition to combat bacteria that causes acne, black seed oil also fights fungus.

Black seed oil has shown anti-fungal effects against the common skin fungal infectious organisms (dermatophytes) which cause conditions like fungal nail infections, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm.

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Black Cumin Oil for Acne

Acne is a multifactorial disorder that usually affects teenagers but can persist into adulthood. In some cases, those affected can be left with disfiguring scars.

There are plenty of factors which are thought to contribute to disease including hormonal, dietary, localized skin inflammatory response and infections.

Black cumin oil has several properties that can relieve the symptoms of acne, including anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. The nutritive factors in the oil can help restore and regenerate damaged skin.

Black seed oil is also a natural anti-histamine ideal for treating dermatological diseases closely related to allergies.

Black Cumin Oil and Skin Cancer

Cancer happens when cells become abnormal and multiply in an uncontrolled way.

The cells that form the skin layers are the most highly exposed by the body, and therefore skin cancer is one of the most common forms of human cancer. (Chia Seeds Questions And Answers)

Worldwide, about one million cases occur annually, and this number becomes more massive every year.

The two most common cancers are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, in both of these prolonged ultraviolet light exposures is a major risk factor.

Nigella Sativa has been shown to have a range of anti-cancer effects against many types of abnormal cells. Specific outcomes against skin cancer cells have been demonstrated.

Squamous cell carcinomas attack the epidermal layer of the skin; they can spread and penetrate surrounding tissues. Nigella Sativa extract has been found to be useful against squamous cell carcinoma cells in vitro (using human skin cancer cells cultured cells in a laboratory), the study found that the active anti-cancer extract from black seeds (Thymoquinone) inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in squamous cell carcinoma.

The authors conclude that Thymoquinone is a potential antineoplastic therapy in this common skin cancer.
Benefits of Black Cumin Oil for Skin

Benefits of Black Cumin Oil for Skin

The powerful anti-oxidant properties, anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties of black seed oil can help to revive the natural health and vitality of the skin.

The oil can be taken orally or can be externally applied directly to the skin and massaged. The rich range of oils provides deep hydration of the skin.

Besides, vitamin A, amino acids and fatty acids, work together to help skin regeneration. It is difficult to describe in one article how black cumin oil works entirely.

Nigella Sativa is genuinely a magical plant with complex properties we are just beginning to understand.

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