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The Main Contributing Factors To Skin Problems

Assuming that we are what we eat and drink, it should not come as a surprise that skin reflects our inner health.

If you follow the rules of personal care and cosmetics, but you are still experiencing skin irritation, redness, and acne breakouts, that means it’s time to take a look at what you eat and drink.


We can be allergic or sensitive to certain foods and drinks without realizing it. We don’t have to have an asthma attack or another violent reaction to recognizing that we have a food sensitivity issue.

Acne and pimples can be caused by something you eat. Or maybe you react to a particular food, you feel bloated or full of gases after eating it.

Your body will always show you what you do right and what you do wrong

Your body is well able to tell you what to eat. The best way that you can identify foods that cause you problems is by elimination: eliminating one food category at a time you can see how your body reacts and you can identify those who harm you.

Here are the primary food categories that you can include in the elimination process:

Pasteurized Dairy

Today, the commercialized dairy products are so full of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals that no longer should be called ‘’dairy’’.

These chemicals and thickening agents in milk/ yogurt/ cheese get in your body and is only a matter of time before becoming visible on the skin.

Although studies in this regard are scarce, dairy is the very first category to be avoided, not only because it can cause physical allergies (milk intolerance) but their chemicals components can cause hormonal imbalances that can directly affect your mood and skin.

Specialists recommend the complete elimination of all forms of dairy products for at least 3 months to show a noticeable improvement of the skin.


Even without directly being linked with skin problems, gluten is one of the most controversial substances.

Whatever the reason, if you have a skin problem after removing dairy products from your diet, gluten is the most likely cause of your problem.

Inflammations in the body cause acne and other skin affections, so the connection between wheat-based products and skin issues are quite obvious.

One study shows that an inflammatory response that begins with the gut reaction to gluten spread to other parts of the body, including skin.


You need to know that if you’re drinking beer you have to choose a beer without gluten, especially if you are on an eliminatory diet, and if you think you have some skin problems that might be related to a sulfur allergy, then you should pay attention to what you drink.

Besides, it is known that alcohol has a strong diuretic effect and may contribute to the acute drying of the skin.

Negative emotions

The link between mind and body exists, and when you’re stressed, depressed or have negative thoughts, you’re influencing the body too.

I recommend Negative Emotions and Transitional Justice by Columbia University Press if you want more information.

And the skin is the largest organ in the body, so guess where all those negative feelings will be reflected?

Some studies confirm the relationship between emotions and general health. Do not forget that you are not only what you eat and drink, but what you think and what you feel.

Therefore, you have to think and feel positive about your health and beauty.

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