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Raw Carob Fudge Recipe

Raw carob fudge is a vegan dessert rich in calcium.

Calcium is an essential mineral for health. It is the primary element that helps the body’s structure, strength, and mobility.

This raw carob fudge recipe provides an astounding 530 mg of plant-based calcium, and as a bonus – it is delicious and super-easy to make!

Raw Carob Fudge Recipe

Raw Carob Fudge Recipe

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  • Mix all ingredients in a blender
  • Place a thick layer of the mixture (about 1/2’’) in a 4’’x7’’ or medium glass baking dish.
  • Refrigerate until coconut butter sets the batter into a fudge-like consistency. Cut in 20 pieces.

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Calcium is vital for movement, as well as doing physical and mental activities. Without enough calcium in the body, we end up with dental problems and bone diseases.

Its role in the body is similar to its role in the soil: it is essential for digestion, it is an excellent alkaline element, and supports growth and energy. It also benefits the clotting mechanism to inhibit bleeding.

Calcium acts to calm the nerves, neutralize stomach acidity, and protects against nervous exhaustion. It strengthens the arteries walls and veins. Mentally, calcium has positive effects on brain functions.

Calcium stimulates love and compassion, develops the intellect and concentration.

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