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Homemade Chocolate Recipe – Paleo Chocolate | VIDEO

This homemade chocolate recipe was one of the favorite childhood sweets.

Grandma used to make us chocolate quite often, sometimes simple, sometimes with nuts, vanilla or rum.

After my grandma passed away, it was my turn to learn how to make it. It’s easy to make this recipe, but if you want homemade chocolate with perfect consistency, you must be careful with the sugar syrup.

homemade chocolate recipe - paleo chocolate

Depending on the sugar syrup consistency we will get softer or denser chocolate. I do not like my chocolate either very soft or very dense. For me, the perfect consistency is somewhere between soft and dense.

The chocolate bars in the shops are always too brittle, yet we eat them with lust. Of course, homemade chocolate is much better and healthier, so I recommend you to try this homemade chocolate recipe from scratch.

Homemade Chocolate Ingredients (7’’x4’’ tray)

  • 250 g milk powder
  • 125 g butter fat (82% fat)
  • 100 ml water
  • 40 g cocoa
  • Sugar 150 g
  • 2 sachets vanilla sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 60 g roasted peanuts
  • 30 g roasted nuts
  • 10g raisins
  • 1 pinch of salt

Homemade chocolate – Preparation

  • Put the sugar, vanilla, salt, and water in a saucepan on medium heat and stir until sugar melts entirely.
  • You will see some tiny bubbles in the center of the sugar syrup which gradually will expand and cover the entire surface of the syrup.
  • When you see a white foam formed on the surface, count 5 minutes, no more, and take away the pan from the heat.

  • To check if the syrup has the ideal consistency, drip a little bit of syrup in a glass of cold water. Do this once a minute after the white foam has formed above the syrup. Initially, the syrup will spread in the cold water, but after few minutes, they will keep their shape when in contact with the cold water. When this happens, the sugar syrup has the ideal consistency, and we can turn off the cooker.
  • Once the heat is turned off, add the partially melted butter and the seeds of the vanilla pod. Stir until the butter is completely incorporated in the sugar syrup.
  • Mix the milk powder with cocoa powder and sift them. Gradually add the sifted powder in the syrup mixing continuously while adding.

Because the chocolate tends to harden, we have to move pretty fast.

  • After the powder is incorporated in the syrup, add the walnuts, hazelnuts, and raisins and mix with a wooden spoon or by hand.
  • Cover the bottom of the tray with grease-paper, pour over the mix and leave it in a cool place (do not put it in the fridge) for 3-4 hours.

Using a slightly dampened blade knife, cut the chocolate in cubes (or any form you wish) and enjoy it! 🙂

learn how to make this homemade chocolate recipe from scratch

Homemade Chocolate Recipe Step by Step VIDEO

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