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I’m craving for a cake! What kind of healthy dessert could I prepare at home?

healthy desserts

It’s a question that often appears on the lips of the people I work with, and even at home with my beloved wife because we do not want to overeat sugar.

One thing is clear: we have no sugar in the house, and we do not cook anything with sugar. We do not put sugar in coffee or tea or in the desserts we bake.

In short, we try as much as we can, consciously, not to add sugar to what we prepare for a straightforward reason: there is hidden sugar in all the foods we buy, and the 6-9 teaspoons of sugar that the World Health Organization talks about as daily limits for women and men, can be easily overcome.

However, the children will crave for a healthy dessert even after they consume other sweets in abundance, whether they are home-made or not.

And yet, with all our self-control, it’s still hard for us to utterly despise the idea of the dessert from our minds.

So I thought of making a list for all of us who want to have more options for a healthy dessert at hand.

Some useful information about desserts

Try to get rid of the idea that desserts should be eaten daily after each meal. ? Choose 1-2 days a week when you can eat something tasty but healthy, preferably prepared by you, with rigorously selected ingredients and likely without sugar.

The best time to serve a dessert is after lunch, but not immediately after the meal. Wait about 1 hour after the main course so that carbohydrates can be better metabolized and turned into energy.

Some people think that they can eat a dessert in the morning because they have a whole day at their disposal to burn the calories.

Perhaps the calories cannot be SEEN, but the insulin game begins in our bodies from the first hour of the day, which means that for the rest of the day you will feel the need to eat more cakes, and the sugar in blood will ask for more, just like nicotine with smokers :)

Ideas of healthy desserts

At home, it is better if all the family members eat the same. There is no food for children and food for adults, unless you have babies. ?

It is best to involve them in the preparation of homemade sweets. They will be very cooperative and happy.

Here are our ideas for some homemade healthy desserts:

  • Baked apples stuffed with oatmeal and cinnamon (no honey, there is no need for it);
  • Oat cookies;
  • Candies with dried fruit and coconut;
  • Fruit tortilla;
  • Rice with milk, cinnamon and lemon;
  • Yogurt cocktail with small pieces of fruit – it’s an improvised dessert for the summer days to spoil the lust for ice cream; put greek yogurt in the ice bucket and add seasonal fruit pieces; finally, you can sprinkle it with black chocolate powder, vanilla or cocoa;
  • Dried fruits, without extra sugar: plums, dates, raisins, cranberries, goji, raisins;
  • Pancakes with homemade jam;
  • Dried fruit muffins
  • Cereal pudding with shredded apple on top
  • Pasta pudding with cheese baked in the oven
  • Smoothies are an excellent alternative to cakes and are full of nutrients. A simple and healthy smoothie for the summer period is yogurt with banana and frozen berries. Eventually, you can add cinnamon on top or vanilla.

Do not forget, whether it’s a cake or a dish, the portion makes all the difference! Reducing portions for dessert should also be a priority for all of us.

What is your favorite dessert? Leave us a comment with your recipe so we can enjoy it too :) Thanks

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