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Blueberry Coconut Vegan Ice Cream

Simple, NO sugar, NO cook and very delicious blueberry coconut vegan ice cream. Sounds good 🙂

Who said treat food couldn’t be healthy? You can serve directly or freeze until it gets firm.

If it’s completely frozen, transfer it to the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving for easier scooping.


Course: Vegan dessert
Total Time: 50 minutes

Servings: 14

Calories: 142 kcal

  1. Pulse flaxseeds in a coffee grinder till finely crushed.
  2. Mix the blueberries, lemon juice and one can of coconut milk in a blender; blend until blueberry skins break down entirely.
  3. Add ground flaxseeds, vanilla extract, remaining coconut milk, stevia, coconut oil, xanthan gum, and salt; blend again until smooth.
  4. Transfer blender container to the fridge to cool the mixture briefly, about 15 minutes.
  5. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or about 20 minutes.
  6. Transfer to a lidded container before serving. Top with some toasted coconut flakes.

The above combination is pretty good, but instead of stevia powder, you can use brown rice syrup. You could also put half the mixture into popsicle molds and the other half in the ice cream maker. The taste and texture will be the same.

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