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9 Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency

Have you ever asked yourself if there is enough vitamin C on your plate? Have you ever wondered if you have a vitamin C deficiency?

The most well-known disease directly attributable to vitamin C deficiency is scurvy.

signs of vitamin c deficiencyIn the past, large numbers of seafarers were suffering from it, and the signs were fatigue and lethargy, a disease that affects bones and the strength of the muscles and ‘’clogs’’ the immune system. Very often, 200-300 years ago, the outcome for the seafarers was death.

Some nutritional experts believe that scurvy is a manifestation of acidosis, extreme acidity or a low Ph.

Such a condition gives rise to a large number of health problems and diseases like cancer. Due to the use of citrus, our ancestors have learned that scurvy is easily treatable, or at least, can be prevented.

Although at the time, no one knew exactly what was in citrus, which made this disease to disappear, it is said that the Dutch were those who learned this trick from one of their colonies, where the natives used citrus when traveling on water for long periods.

However, even today, we can find scurvy. Due to unhealthy diets, even bulimic, many young people tend to get anorexic. Thus, in recent years, has been observed an increase in scurvy among teenagers.

Scurvy can also easily affect alcoholics or older people, whose ability to absorb vitamin C has been diminished in time due to unhealthy diets and excessive medication.

Even babies who are not breastfed by a healthy mother could be in danger of making scurvy due to the mother’s lack of vitamin C.

A fascinating fact is that most animals can produce their vitamin C in their body. This is why animals recover so quickly after an injury.

Man and primates in general, along with guinea pigs, a particular species of bat and a few birds, do not have this ability. That is because the gene responsible for making vitamin C is missing.


Nobody knows why man lacks the ability to produce vitamin C, but is assumed that even if once had this ability due to tropical areas where they lived and which was filled with fruits and plants full of vitamin C, at one stage, because of such a large amounts of vitamin C in the diet, the body said, ‘’ that’s it, I will no longer fabric vitamin C.

What’s the point of saving energy for something that comes in such a large amount from foods?’’ Is that right or not?!!!!

Well, we don’t know, but this time, the important thing is that we are inferiors to animals in this regard. (you can also read: Juice Fasting Questions And Answers)

But we are lucky to have God, who gave us such a cornucopia of tasty foods full of vitamin C. So, it’s all good.

Initial Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency

  • Low power and energy and depression
  • Weight loss and weak bones
  • Bleeding gums, weak teeth or gingivitis. This is a clear sign that shows us that the necessary collagen for construction and maintenance deteriorates. Vitamin C is vital for collagen.
  • Rapid changes in mood, irritability.
  • Injuries that occur very quickly and are difficult to heal.
  • Dry hair is also a good indication of lack of vitamin C.
  • Chronic pain of the ligaments and joints are other vital signs of vitamin C deficiency. This condition can deteriorate to such an extent that could cause internal bleeding in the joints causing terrible pain.
  • Anemia is another possible sign of lacking vitamin C.

An apparent drop of body’s resistance and a weak immune system if you frequently catch a cold; this could mean that vitamin C reserves are depleted. (read: Honey Based Recipes Against Cold And Flu: All Natural & Effective)

Vitamin C is much more than a substance that prevents diseases. Vitamin C is one of the essential elements in the body.

Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is an enzyme cofactor for the biosynthesis of many fundamental biochemicals.

Vitamin C performs many vital physiological functions in the human body. Among others, these functions include the synthesis of collagen, carnitine and neurotransmitters, the synthesis, and catabolism of tyrosine.

vitamin c funny

During the biosynthesis, vitamin C donates electrons and prevents oxidation to keep the iron and copper atoms in their lower states.

Normally, it is recommended to consume about 90 mg of vitamin C daily. This is very easily obtained from raw and fresh foods.

Do not expect to get vitamin C from cooked meals. It is well known that vitamin C is extremely delicate, sensitive not only to heat but also to light, air, and water.

But there is also the theory that people need much larger quantities of vitamin C. The renowned chemist and researcher Linus Pauling, holder of two Nobel prizes (the only man who owns two ‘’ undivided’’ Nobel prizes) is the one who mediatized vitamin C through his work. He’s recommending an amount of 6000 and 18000 mg of vitamin C daily.

According to him, this would be a dose that could prevent heart diseases. Of course, such a dose should not be taken at once, but divided into four parts during the whole day, with a little bit more taken just before bedtime. It is said that until he died, he was taking 18000 mg of vitamin C every day.

In many other cases, vitamin ca have been used as a therapeutic dose in curing severe diseases such as cancer and all sorts of tumors.

In different situations, such as in the famous case of the farmer in new Zeeland: ‘’Miracles of healing by simply supplementing the C vitamin’’, this vitamin made the difference between life and death when there was no hope left.

So dear friends, do not ignore this delicate vitamin, eat as many raw foods as you can, citrus, but especially herbs and vegetables.

Parsley and berries are known for high levels of vitamin C. And if you have one of the above symptoms, quickly supplement your diet with foods rich in vitamin C.

And one more little secret, vitamin C assimilates very well with MSM (aka methyl sulfone or dimethyl sulfone), which is a booster for other vital nutrients.

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