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8 Tips for Better Bowel Movements

A healthy individual should eliminate at least 2-3 times per day. Yes, that’s right, two to three times! I know that for some this might seem exaggerated, but it is logical that the number of stools to be equal to the number of main meals.

tips for better bowel movements

If you are amazed, then read the following to begin healthy eliminations and learn how to have regular bowel movements naturally.

Note: this is not about how to make yourself poop immediately haha, these are tips for better bowel movements that you should follow closely for best results.

Dried Prunes

Only 4-5 prunes per day can transform your body and can boost your antioxidants levels.

Dried prunes will help you have a regular transit by providing sugars that draw fluids into the intestinal tract. When mixed with bodily fluids, the fibers from prunes become gelatine, helping loosen the stools. We can also eat prunes to satisfy our sweet-tooth without causing a dramatic rise in blood sugar.

Prune’s natural sugars contain fructose and sorbitol, which are much healthier than sucrose (which is the main component of white sugar).

Whole leaf Aloe Vera Gel

Whole leaf Aloe Vera Gel is one of the most efficient methods for stubborn bowels.

The best way to take aloe is on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Two small glasses of Aloe Vera, before a warm cup of green tea, can do wonders! Aloe also helps heal a possible deterioration of the stomach lining.


If you frequently complain of feeling ‘’clogged’’, then you’re not using sufficient natural fibers. Certain types of apples are a perfect option with a low glycemic index and have the power to get the ‘’pipes’’ working again.

The high levels of pectin in apples work well within the body to help bind with excess toxins and flush them right out. If you’re on an extended candida cleanse, remember this: your body needs a certain amount of fruit and the enzymes they provide!

Waterwhy should I drink more water for better bowel movements

Often, increasing elimination can happen by just drinking more water throughout the day.8-10 Cups of distilled or filtered water can help you with great hydration, better brain functions, and quick bowel improvement.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes work to support break down the food we eat at a faster pace.

The quicker the breakdown, the more quickly food processes through the colon. If you plan to have a “difficult to digest meal”, is recommended to take a digestive enzyme one hour before eating.


Have you taken antibiotics recently? Perhaps in the past few years?

The effects of medicines persist for some time in the body. Antibiotics are hard on the stomach lining and affect the good digestive acids that allow us to digest food properly. If you are constipated and unhappy after antibiotic treatment, make sure you take a quality probiotic (refrigerated), with a high bacterial count.

Probiotics help to heal the gut and restore the good bacteria in the body.

In the future, if you need to take an antibiotic, make sure you’ll take a probiotic as well, to prevent the damage to the stomach lining and the destruction of beneficial bacteria.

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Hot Peppers

Hot peppers come in at number seven because this spicy condiment can de-clog even THE MOST CONSTIPATED INDIVIDUAL.

I bet you’re surprised to read this one! No, hot peppers are not bad for your body, and it will not give you a ‘’heart attack’’. In fact, hot peppers are said to kill off cancer cells and make your taste buds come alive!

Since many people can’t eat spicy foods in large quantities, we recommend starting slowly by adding crushed hot peppers in a spinach salad or mixed in the preferred soup.poop squatting or sitting position

Squatting or Sitting Position?

Although it may be funny, the most natural thing to do for a good bowel movement is that when you go to the toilets always use the squatting position rather than the seating.

The squatting position favors the elimination.

Read more about this in the article: What’s The Best Position For Pooping? When To Squat Or Sit

How do you think is best to poop? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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