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4 Ways to Improve Liver Function

Living in a world that has toxins everywhere makes the liver function becoming increasingly difficult.

Everything we touch, breathe, drink, eat, we use for home and personal care, slowly, but surely, can overload this hard working organ with large amounts of toxins, compromising our body’s ability to detoxify on a day-to-day basis properly.

ways to improve liver function

To make this process reversible and to optimize liver function, you should take into account the following four factors:

Eat the right foods and adopt healthy eating habits

For liver detoxification, you don’t have to run and buy the most effective ingredients for a complete cleaning or an herbal detox kit. You must first focus on your diet and eating habits.

You have to ease the digestive tract workload with smaller and lighter meals that are nutrient dense and easily assimilated and always stopping when you feel around 80% full.

You can choose low sugar smoothies, natural juices, salads, soups and fermented products like sauerkraut and coconut kefir. (Homemade Coconut Kefir Recipe)

Consume products close to their raw state and with as little sugar as possible to rest your liver function and give it the necessary enzymes to properly do its job of detoxification.

Eliminate foods, products, and daily habits that hurt your liver

On the other hand, you should eliminate or avoid as much as possible foods that are slowing down or compromising the liver function.

These include fat meat, butter, milk and cheap vegetable oils.

Refined flour products, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine will also weaken the liver, primarily due to digestive distress and excessive sugar/starch processing that is required. Avoiding any foods that are genetically modified is also extremely important.

Also, you must do everything possible to avoid chemicals in your food by making cleaner choices, and purify your water and air.

Pay attention especially to personal care and household products that contain unknown ingredients and replace them with natural products.

And finally, you need to understand that any prescriptions or medications are damaging to the liver and will always compromise its function.

Lack of sleep and negative thoughts also contribute to liver damage, so it is essential to improve your sleep patterns and re-evaluate your attitude towards life.

Ways to Improve Liver Function – Consume liver detoxifying foods and herbs

Popular herbs that are well known to improve liver function include:

  • Dandelion
  • Burdock root
  • Artichokes
  • Turmeric
  • Milk thistle

To further stimulate liver detoxification, choose foods and herbs known for their ability to cleanse the liver:

Consuming these foods and herbs on a daily basis will help to improve liver function, and nourish your liver so that it can regain the health again and can eliminate the toxins on a day-to-day basis.

improve your liver healthImprove your digestion

The gastrointestinal tract is the body’s first line of defense when toxins enter the body. If it becomes compromised, it will let pathogens to settle, often to the point that they will punch through the intestinal membrane and get into the bloodstream.

If the intestines become toxic, the body will become so soon. If the intestines continue to allow toxins entering the body, the liver will have the difficult task of eliminating these toxins by filtering and neutralizing these substances before removing them from the body through urine and stool.

This is why improving your digestion is critical, to ensure there is not an excessive and consistent stream of toxins for your liver to deal with, or it will eventually become severely compromised.

What do you do to protect your liver? We want to know from your experiences in the comments below.

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