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11 Healthiest Foods on Earth

the health benefits of almonds

7. The Health Benefits of ALMONDS

Almonds offer a snack option anywhere you are, which will help you feel full between meals and provide you the energy you require to start the day.

Just make sure that when you choose your almonds, you do not get a kind that has a lot of salt or oil added like those that are dry roasted.

Go for raw almonds, and try not to overeat them because since they are crunchy and snacky, it’s easy to keep chewing on them until you realize you had too many :))

Fitness instructors often mention almonds as a way to help you feed your muscles, but they also hold a lot of other benefits that make them worthy of including them in your daily menu.

They help prevent heart attacks and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol produced in the body. These are a healthy fat source and can help your brain work better. If you were not on board already, they also help strengthen the bones and teeth.

Almonds Nutritional Value per 100g – Raw Almonds

Protein – 21g – making them suitable for improving lean muscle.

Iron – 20% of your daily recommendation, for those with an iron insufficiency.

Vitamin B2 – 59% of what is required daily, helping to supply you with that energetic feeling 😉

Calories 578 % Daily Values* Total Fat
50.64g 78% Saturated Fat
3.881g 19% Polyunsaturated Fat
12.214g Monounsaturated Fat
32.155g Cholesterol
0mg 0% Sodium
1mg 0% Potassium
728mg Total Carbohydrate
19.74g 7% Dietary Fiber
11.8g 47% Sugars
4.8g Protein
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Sweet Potatoes health benefits

8. Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits

Sweet potatoes became very popular for me in my childhood, after watching “Life with Louie” cartoons, and for many others when they were introduced to Oprah as a superfood flying under the radar.

What is excellent regarding them is that they are easy to cook, with lots of wiggle room for error. They also fill you up, are full of vitamins and contain fibers that are essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

They are a pretty nice addition to any meal and can give an instant balance as they fall somewhere around a starch and a vegetable.

There is a wide variety of benefits for sweet potatoes but some of the most important are that they can help prevent heart attack, keep your skin looking young, help you feel relaxed, keep your immune system running well, gives you more energy, and contains antioxidants that can help reduce the number of body defects due to free radicals.

That is why they are always making in the lists of superfoods and the most healthy vegetables.

Sweet Potatoes Nutrition Facts per 100g

Vitamin A – 384% – nearly four times more than the daily recommendation!

Vitamin C – 33% of what you need daily of this great antioxidant.

One medium cooked sweet potato contains approximately:

103 calories
23.6 grams carbohydrates
2.3 grams protein
0.2 gram fat
3.8 grams dietary fiber
21,907 international units vitamin A (438 percent DV)
22.3 miligrams vitamin C (37 percent DV)
0.6 milligram manganese (28 percent DV)
0.3 milligram vitamin B6 (16 percent DV)
541 milligrams potassium (15 percent DV)
1 milligram pantothenic acid (10 percent DV)
0.2 milligram copper (9 percent DV)
1.7 milligrams niacin (8 percent DV)
0.1 milligram thiamine (8 percent DV)
30.8 milligrams magnesium (8 percent DV)

healt benefits of beets

9. Healt Benefits of Beets

Beets contain things that are good for you that are found only in beets, and that is what makes them unique.

What you are looking for here is red beet, and not necessarily the pickled beets that you will find in Greek jars and salads.

If you are frightened by the thought of preparing and cooking red beets, there are plenty of online recipes that can show you how to do it. Worth the time and effort to start embedding more beets into your diet.

Besides the excellent taste, you will also feel a general feeling of having more energy.

They are excellent for supporting the brain and can help lower blood pressure. Due to the vast amount of vitamins and minerals they contain, you can add them to your smoothies to quickly bring your nutrients without adding calories or fats.

Beets Nutrition Facts: Raw – 100 grams

Magnesium – 6% of your daily basis to keep your energy levels up.

Folate – 27% of what you require to help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Vitamin C – only 8% of your daily requirements, use other foods on this list to get you there.

Calories 43
Water 88 %
Protein 1.6 g
Carbs 9.6 g
Sugar 6.8 g
Fiber 2.8 g
Fat 0.2 g
Saturated 0.03 g
Monounsaturated 0.03 g
Polyunsaturated 0.06 g
Omega-3 0.01 g
Omega-6 0.06 g
Trans fat ~

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